17th Cacique Awards

This year, 110 nominees were presented from all over The Bahamas for 18 categories.

Two new categories have been added this year - the Blue Ribbon Panel Award and the Wilfred “Willie” Love Knowles Tourism awards.

Nominee Guidelines

Any member of the public may cast a nomination for the  general awards, the Minister of Tourism’s Hospitality Award or the Clement T. Maynard Lifetime Achievement Award.  They may nominate as many persons as they wish.  The same person may also be nominated for more than one award if he/she is making a contribution in more than one area.

To be eligible for the awards, the nominees must be permanent residents of The Bahamas, whose product or performance has a positive impact on the quality development of Bahamian tourism.  Nominees must be consistent high performers.  Nominations for awards in the Hotel Sector must come from members of the Bahamas Hotel Association and meet BHA criteria.  Employees of the Ministry of Tourism and their agencies are not eligible for nomination.