The Cacique Awards also recognizes individuals and organizations from overseas who have significantly made a positive impact on tourism in The Bahamas throughout their services in each respective sector. These include international tour operators, travel agents, travel writers, airlines, cruise lines as well as photographers. However, please note that nominations for awards in these international categories must be sanctioned by The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation's overseas Tourist Offices. For questions about international nominations, please email and

Nomination Categories

Tour Operator/Travel Agent of The Year

Travel Writer of The Year

Airline of The Year

Cruise Line of The Year

Photographer of The Year

Nomination Criteria


  • Nominees must exhibit years of consistency in promoting and selling the Islands of The Bahamas, reflective of the number of hotel room nights in Nassau, Grand Bahama Island and the Out Islands.
  • Nominees have occasionally created Bahamas awareness independently or jointly with the BTOs or other travel affiliates, therby increasing sales to the Islands.


  • Submissions for nominees are to be made by the Ministry's Public Relations Agencies based on their involvement with Bahamas media exposure and journalism within their respective territory.


  •  The Cacique Award for “Airline of the Year” is the most prestigious award extended to the top airline serving The Islands Of The Bahamas in a given year.  All airline partners are rated rates side-by-side based upon transparent criteria to determine how they performed, and how their performance helped the country to achieve and exceed its air stopover arrival growth targets. The criteria includes:
  1. The amount of scheduled seat capacity deployed by the airline in The Islands, which is the sum total of all seats on all scheduled flights on all routes throughout the year;
  2. The level of commercial risk undertaken by the airline to provide airlift to The Islands Of The Bahamas.  This category considers how much of the financial risk is undertaken by the airline, itself, balanced against whether or not the air service benefits from some level of marketing/financial incentive;
  3. Multiple Bahamas destinations served by the airline.  Greater weight is given to airlines which serve several destinations in The Islands Of The Bahamas, rather than just one;
  4.  Hub & Spoke network capability.  Airlines are given higher marks if their scheduled service to The Islands Of The Bahamas originates from a hub with a strong network of connecting flights.  This type of service receives greater consideration because it enhances the “market reach” of the destination -  the ability of The Bahamas to promote itself in far-flung markets where it does not presently enjoy nonstop scheduled air service;
  5.  New routes initiated by the airline.  Special credit is given to airlines which introduce new routes to The Islands Of The Bahamas and in the process, widen the base of its airlift;
  6. Long haul routes.  Special attention is given to carriers who generate long haul nonstop flights, or generate incremental air stopovers through their Alliances and Code Share relationships with airlines in Asia, Europe, South America where The Islands Of The Bahamas do not presently have nonstop airlift;
  7. The total number of nonstop flights.  Special attention is given to airlines based of the number of flights which they generate to The Islands Of The Bahamas;
  8. And finally, Commitment to the destination.  This qualitative category was put in place to reward airline partners for their overall commitment to the destination.  This manifests itself in several ways, including special flights undertaken to bring supplies/relief efforts during times of crisis, the decision of airline partners to seamlessly add seat capacity from existing routes to better accommodate the growth of consumer demand, and collaboration of the airline partners with the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation in its on-going marketing/tourism promotional efforts.


The Cacique Award for “Cruise Line of the Year” is the most prestigious award extended to the top cruise line serving The Islands Of The Bahamas in a given year. Submissions should be guided by the following criteria:

Passenger Capacity
Please include the total amount of passengers to The Islands Of The Bahamas within the last year/two years.

Please indicate if the ship is registered under the Bahamian flag.

Commercial Risk Incurred
State the level of risk incurred by the cruise line and include the amount of financial support extended by the destination to offer the service.

Multiple Bahamas Destinations Served
Indicate the number of the cruise line’s sails to multiple destinations in The Islands Of The Bahamas.

Hub & Spoke Impact
State how strong the cruise line’s hub & spoke networks are, which allows the ability to promote The Islands Of The Bahamas to origin and destination markets in North America.

Nonstop Cruises
Indicate whether the cruise line provides nonstop cruises (with several frequencies from the same gateway). This also includes nonstop cruises from other gateways, along with nonstop cruises to several destinations in The Islands Of The Bahamas.

In this section, please describe if the cruise line has incorporated best and environmentally sound practices which benefit the country. Additionally, indicate whether the cruise line incorporates outreach to the local community or surroundings of the destination.


  • Please submit three digital images that feature the photographer's previous work
     - JPEG & PNG files no greater than 6 MBs are accepted
     - State where images were taken
    -  Include photo captions
  • Please state the photographer's current place of employment or the name of their professional services if self-employed
  • Indicate how the photographer's work has benefited tourism in The Bahamas
  • Please state why you think this photographer deserves this award