Any member of the public may cast a nomination for the general awards, the Minister of Tourism's Hospitality Award or the Clement T. Maynard Lifetime Achievement Award. There is no limit to the number of persons that one person may nominate. The same person may be nominated for more than one award if he/she is making a contribution in more than one area. Where there is no Ministry of Tourism Office, nominations may be returned to the Administra­tor's Office on the Family Islands. Nominations for awards in the Hotel Sector must come from members of the Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) and meet BHTA criteria, sanctioned by the Cacique Blue Ribbon Panel.

Nomination Categories

TRANSPORTATION... * has consistently provided exemplary service and/or helped to improve transportation through innovation
 (taxis, jitneys, water taxis, ferries and surreys).

LOCAL AIRLINES & LOCAL AIR, LAND, SEA TOUR OPERATORS... * has consistently provided exemplary service and/or helped to
 improve transportation through innovation.

HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT ... * has contributed to the development of professionalism in the tourism indus­try (teachers,
 lecturers and human resource managers).

CECIL ROSE SPORTS AND LEISURE ... * has helped to promote the growth of tourism in areas such as golf, tennis, re­gattas,
 fishing, water sports, marathons, triathlons, land, water and field events.

SPECIAL EVENTS ... * The nominated event has helped to promote the growth of tourism in areas such as festivals, galas and awards.

CREATIVE ARTS... * has made a significant contribution to tourism in the area of painting, sculpture, pottery, writing, performing
 arts or photography.

HANDICRAFT ... * has created quality Bahamian handicraft with the use of indigenous materials. Please submit a maxi­mum of
 three (3) samples of work. Actual item(s) preferred but colour photographs or electronic images are acceptable.


  1. An individual, organization or group that has developed a tourist attraction or facility for the enjoyment of our visi­tors that promotes harmony with the environment. OR
  2. An individual, organization or group that strengthens linkages between tourism and other sectors of the economy.

THE CLEMENT T. MAYNARD LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD ... A person (working or retired) who has made an out­standing
 contribution to the growth of tourism for twenty-five (25) years or more.

THE MINISTER OF TOURISM'S HOSPITALITY AWARD... This award is for a person who has exemplified exceptional Bahamian 
hospitality towards visitors, having established an intimate relationship with visitors, thus promoting repeat business.

THE BLUE RIBBON PANEL .... An individual whose consistent contribution to the Tourism industry is worthy of recogni­tion or 
honor but it is not applicable to the existing categories.

Nomination Criteria

  • Nominees must be residents of The Bahamas whose product or performance has a positive impact on the development of The Bahamas' Tourism product.
  • Nominees must be consistently high performers.
  • Employees of the Ministry of Tourism and its agencies are not eligible for nomination.
  • All submissions must have an attachment of one full page of information. A maximum of two pages will be accepted.
  • Please submit a STUDIO COLOUR head and shoulder PHOTOGRAPH with nomination form.
  • When nominating artists, photographers, writers etc. a maximum of three (3) samples of the nominee's work must be submitted for consideration.
  • Colour photographs of samples will be accepted if originals are not available.

Deadline for Submission - January 31, 2020

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