The purpose of the Cacique Awards is to recognize the role played by those individuals and organizations whose performance or products have consistently made a positive impact on the quality and growth of Bahamas tourism. The Cacique Awards have an illustrious foundation in the National Tourism Achievement Awards.

The name “Cacique” was chosen for the new tourism leadership awards to honour the Lucayans, the first Bahamians, and to keep them in memory, even though their physical presence was lost to us so many years ago. The leader of a Lucayan community was called the “Cacique”. As the supreme figure of authority, he would administer justice, resolve disputes, issue decrees, receive visitors in much the same way as a leader in our sphere would do today. The use of the name “cacique” also pays tribute to the generosity of the original inhabitants of The Bahamas, who greeted the first European visitors with great warmth. It shows that the tradition of hospitality is being perpetuated.

Cacique Duho