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James Nixon             -           Lifetime Achievement

Rev. Newton Hamilton     -           Minister’s Award

Claire Sands                          -           Retail

Anastacia Charlow             -           Arts & Craft

Vernal Culme-Butler          -           Human Resources/Education

William Saunders                -           Transportation

Charles “Charlie” Smith     -           Sports & Leisure

Small Hope Bay Lodge       -           Ecotourism

Lyn Sweeting                       -           Writer

Gavin McKinney                  -           Motion &/or Still Photography

John “Chippie” Chipman    -           Music & Entertainment

Café Johnny Canoe             -           Company or Group

 Anthony Adderley              -           Supervisor of the Year

Don Lionel Ingraham         -           Manager of the Year

Merrit Storr                         -           Sales Executive of the Year

Salvatore Cuccurullo          -           Casino Executive of the Year

Betty Lloyd                           -           Employee of the Year

Jeremy McVean                  -           Hotelier of the Year

Charles Smith                       -           Chef of the Year

Martin Elder                                    -           International Writer (Travel Trade)

Travel Agent Magazine

Cheryl Blackerby                 -           International Writer (Consumer)

Palm Beach Post

Forest Johnson                     -           International Photographer

Forest Johnson Photography

American Airlines               -           International Airline

Royal Caribbean                  -           International Cruise Line


Nassau/Paradise Island     -           International Tour Operator


Vicki Borenstein                  -           International Travel Agent

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