Last Updated on Thursday, 07 June 2012 15:10

Nomination forms for the onshore awards are available On-line and  throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas to ensure that Cacique Awards are as representative as possible of the wishes of the entire population.  This and all other aspects of the organization of the awards ceremony are under the direction of the Working Committee.

Nominations are collated by the Selection Committee, who reduce the number by identifying the top four to five nominees in each category for submission to the Blue Ribbon Panel.

The Blue Ribbon Panel selects winners in general nomination categories and ratifies all winners.  At a gala ceremony shortly after, winners are announced and the Cacique Awards are presented.


The Bahamas Hotel Association selects hotel industry winners, based on a review of the nominees by panels of judges appointed by the BHA

The General Public selects winners in the People’s Choice Music Awards category by casting votes  for their favorite artists in either or both the Secular or Gospel categories.  List of artists is selected and submitted by Radio Stations based on the popular demand of the song by radio audience.