Nomination forms for the onshore awards are available On-line and  throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas to ensure that Cacique Awards are as representative as possible of the wishes of the entire population.  This and all other aspects of the organization of the awards ceremony are under the direction of the Working Committee.

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General Industry Awards

Over the years names of and numbers of categories have been revised.  Presently, there are 22 Cacique Awards categories, 16 of which are on-shore awards to be given to local industry leaders.   Ten of the awards in this category are open to nominations by the general public.  Six are the Bahamas Hotel Association Awards, and the remaining one is a popularity award selected by votes from the general public.   The final four Caciques are given to outstanding tourism partners abroad.  These are nominated by the Promotion Boards and the Ministry of Tourism and its offshore agencies. 


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Any member of the public may cast a nomination for the general awards, the Minster of Tourism’s Hospitality Award or the Clement T. Maynard Lifetime Achievement Award. They may nominate as many persons as they wish. The same person may also be nominated for more than one award if he/she is making a contribution in more than one area.

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